Mossberg M590 Airsoft Gun Review

The Mossberg M590 is a very versatile, powerful, light weight, combat shot gun. Soft-Air USA  took all these key features and turned it into a purebred airsoft shotgun.

The Mossberg M590 airsoft gun comes in three different styles: Full Stock, Collapsible Stock, and Pistol Grip (seen above). It’s great to have that kind of options, and every style fits each person differently. For example, if you’re a smaller kid and still like the stock, I’d recommend the collapsible stock. If you’re looking to use for CQB (Close Quarter Battle), I’d probably buy the pistol grip version. And finally, if you were looking for a true combat shotgun to own the battlefield with and hold nothing back, I’d purchase the full stock. There’s just so many different scenarios, so just think about which one fits you best and give that a try.

The Mossberg M590 is a true regulator. It shoots 355 FPS, and is pretty accurate (within five shots you can hit a squirrel from over 100 feet. I don’t recommend shooting it at any animal though, squirrels or otherwise). Obviously the pistol grip version might be less accurate though, due to it’s small format, just keep that in mind. As for different weights of BBs to use, I recommend .25 gram if you want a accurate shot, although .12 and .20 gram work fine if your goal is just to go all kamikaze on the other team. But if you’re looking to target shoot or be more conservative and accurate in a fight, I’d stick with .25 gram.

One of the reasons that the Mossberg M590 is so accurate is because it boasts the BAXS system. The BAXS system is a cousin of hop-up, and claims to be more accurate. Basically with BAXS, the BB doesn’t float/sink like hop-up does. In the case of the Mossberg M590, the BAXS system works like magic. Also, the BAXS is adjustable, to give the BB less/more backspin.

There are also two tricks with the Mossberg M590 that you can do. Just as a warning, though, these are called “tricks” for a reason, the Mossberg M590 isn’t suppose to be able to do this, so I’m not responsible for any damage to your gun by you trying this. The first trick is to hold down the trigger and never let it up and pump as fast as you can. That will make it virtually fully automatic. The second trick is to hold the gun so the barrel is pointing up and pump 3-5 times. Then when you shoot, it’ll shoot how ever many BBs you’ve pumped simultaneously, like buck shot. Just make sure to keep the barrel at no less than a 45 degree angle, otherwise the BBs will role out the muzzle. Like I’ve said, those are just a couple tricks you can do with the Mossberg M590 shotgun, they’re not actual features.

The magazine is the only weak-link in the Mossberg M590. It only holds 12 rounds, which might seem like a lot but at the rate you can pump and shoot, you’re out in no time. Most rifles hold 20+ rounds, so the 12 rounds is defiantly a down side. But, to make up for the 12 rounds, there’s a nice big reservoir that holds 180+ rounds. The thing about the reservoir is you pull the magazine spring  back past a hole that BBs fall in from and fill the chamber, just like any airsoft reservoir. The only thing about this one is that most springs can be pulled back and locked into place via notch, letting you be able to shake the magazine and get BBs into the chamber. This one however you must manually keep the spring back, because there’s no notch.

When you’re shooting, and think you’ve run out of ammo, you have to hold the gun upside-down and pump for the last two or three shots. You have to do this because the magazine spring doesn’t push the last few BBs up far enough, and if you were to just take the magazine straight out, a couple BBs would fall out. This isn’t a huge deal, just remember to pump the last couple shots in upside-down.

To conclude, the Mossberg M590 is a fast shooting, accurate shotgun. Great for both target shooting and a good backyard airsoft fight. While the magazine isn’t perfect, the power and versatility more than makes up. And it comes in many different styles, so make you get the right one to fit your needs. I definitely recommend this gun for the 20-$50 it costs (depending what style you get and where you get it from).

Feet Per Second: 355
Accuracy: Can hit a person from over 100 feet
Power: Spring (you must cock it back before each shot)
Caliber: 6mm
Recommended BB Weight: .25 grams
Magazine Capacity: 12 BBs (with a 180 round reservoir)
Manufacture: Soft-Air USA

Video Review:

30 thoughts on “Mossberg M590 Airsoft Gun Review

  1. Hey! Well I opened up my gun on the inside and something was wrong I forgot what it looked like in the inside so I’m having trouble put it back together maybe a pic of advice you could spare me have a match coming up need my gun lol thanks!!

  2. I have been trying to find a bigger magazine for this shotgun for a while and I know that you have already talked about it but do you think any other kinds of magazines would work as well? I was looking on and it looked like some of the M4 rifle mags could be compatible too but that was only by the looks. Could you please help with trying to find an actual clip that works?

      • I apologize for my delayed response; I hope I might still be able to help! It could be that something is blocking the BBs from entering the feeding tube or chamber (basically, a jam). Try clearing the chamber by racking the gun several times and sticking a barrel rod down the barrel and up the feeding tube (the little black tube where the top of the magazine is placed up against. If that doesn’t work, make sure the spring in your magazine is functioning. With the magazine unloaded, pull the spring back and let it go. It should easily reach the top of the magazine with ease.

        Thanks for the question!

      • When I load my gun it will shoot four of the bbs, but then I have to pump it upside downtown shoot the rest of them
        If that helps you

  3. Mine actually hops up quite a bit on normal mode, if I’m 10+ feet away, I have to aim more downwards to hit the target, but I am using .12 gram bbs. Anything I can do, or does it hop up on normal with .25 grams as well?

  4. I am looking for a clip for the mossberg m590 with the eject button under the trigger guard and with the shooting speed button. any good places to get just the clip

    • I spent about a quarter of an hour searching all over Google, Yahoo, Ebay, Amazon, Kapowee, etc. and didn’t find any spare magazines. What a lot of people said though, is that spare magazines from the UTG Everblast shotgun are compatible. And you can find extra mags for the Everblast on Amazon and Pyramid Air. I myself don’t have the Everblast shotgun, so I can’t confirm that the mags are compatible, but, like I said, a handful of people online said that it definitely does work. Just some advise, though, I would be careful ordering through Pyramid Air; they have super-slow shipping times and a horrible returns policy.

      Here’s the one of the pages where someone said the UTG magazine was compatible, by the way:

    • To answerer all your questions:

      If they make a “hollow” pistol grip, you sure can’t fit a magazine in there. The grip is just big enough to fit your hand around.

      I don’t personally have the Mossberg M500, but just by looking at the two in comparison, I’d have to say the M590.

      And, you can get optics just about anywhere,, Dicks Sporting Goods, etc. I know this isn’t a “acog” sight, but this is one of my favorites: NcSTAR Red-Dot Sight (With 4 Reticules)

    • I have the pistol grip one and I can fit anything in it thats useful, however u can completely take the grip off and it still works perfectly if you want to be a total boss

    • If they’re stuck in the barrel, just use a unjamming rod of some sort. If they’re stuck inside the actual gun like they sometimes do, then you have to undo the screws around the handle so that you can pull apart the plastic a little bit, then just shake it until the BBs fall out through the separated plastic.

    • Buy a gun cleaning kit it will come with quite a few things you want the rod the instructions will show you how to put it together when you’ve done that pull the pump back and jam the rod Down in the barrel the bb should come through the hole where the magazine goes in at.

  5. My friend did the first trick when I gotte gun and my gun is still working just don’t mess up ur gun if u just got it by doing the first trick

    • I put 4 or five rounds in the mag, put it in the gun and when they disappear into the gun i flip it over and fully load it and though the four rounds arent used, it uses every round in the mag its sort of like priming it

    • That shotgun is the Mossburg 500, oppose to the 590 that this post is about. It’s most likely the same thing, more or less. The Mossburg 500 in the picture is obviously a pistol grip (meaning no stock), so it could be inaccurate just because you can’t really look down the sights. Although if you got the ACOG sight like in the picture it might be okay (but, I don’t think it does come with the scope).

      Here’s another pistol grip shotgun you may like too:
      It’s just another shotgun to think about. From my experience shooting the S32P it’s a great gun for CQB, where as the Mossburgs may hurt a little too much. It’s really up to you which shotgun you like the best, in the end they’re all more or less the same thing.

  6. im in love with this gun hehe it is remarkable tis a great find it is even more accurate with an acog scope on it

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