How To Get Reviewed

If you’ve got a airsoft related product (it doesn’t have to be a gun, I will review anything airsoft. Grenades, specialty clothing, guns, BBs, gear, pretty much anything that is related to airsoft) and would like me to review it, send me a email at ( If it sounds like something I’d review, I’ll give you a address to mail it to, so I can test it out (if you want your product back, just let me know in your email).

Part of my job here is to let airsofters know how products really work before they go out and buy them. On average, over 100 people visit every day, so chances are that, your product will get quite a bit of exposure.

Plus, getting your item reviewed is totally free! I offer free reviews because I love the sport of airsoft, and because it’s just plain out fun. Plus, it’s rewarding to see so many airsofters coming here to get tips and to get my opinion on products.

Anyway, send me a email at (, and I’ll wright up a review for you.


at Airsofter United

4 thoughts on “How To Get Reviewed

    • We currently don’t sponsor any teams; we aren’t a big enough of an organization yet, plus there isn’t a whole lot of groups in our area to begin with. Though, I would definitely plan on it in the future, for sure, as long as we continue to grow. I wouldn’t even rule out owning our own team in the near future đŸ™‚

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