How to Make a Airsoft Grenade

Airsoft grenades that you can find on the internet are usually expensive and almost always require gas/CO2 to operate. This means that unless you’re ready to deal with the expense that come with real airsoft grenades, you’re stuck making one yourself. Making it yourself isn’t all bad, though. It’s cheaper and you don’t have to wait for shipping, and you can modify it for bigger/smaller explosions.

This is what you’ll need:

  • Small water bottle (the thinner the plastic the better. Some cheap 20oz Aquafina bottles are great)
  • .12 gram airsoft BBs
  • A couple tissues
  • Vinegar
  • Baking Soda

Step 1 – The first thing you want to do is fill your bottle up about half way with vinegar (maybe a little more than half way). Then pour about 30 airsoft BBs into the bottle. You can use more or less BBs depending on how many people you want to hit.

Step 2 – Take a tissue and lay it out flat. In the middle pour about 1oz of baking soda (the more baking soda, the bigger the boom, just make sure that your roll isn’t to fat to fit through the mouth of the bottle) then roll the tissue up, making a long straw type shape. Make sure to fold up both ends at some point during when you’re getting to the end of rolling it up, making sure that no baking soda will fall out the top or bottom.

Step 3 – Now when you’re ready to throw your grenade, drop the baking soda roll through the mouth of the bottle, screw the cap of the bottle on as tight as you can and then shake. You should feel the bottle getting bigger and bigger in your hand. When you think it’s about to blow, whip it at something solid near your targets. Pavement is ideal, but a wood structure or anything else is good. If you simply toss it on the ground it may not build enough pressure to explode; the best thing to do is whip it at something solid, as stated above. The thinner the plastic is on your bottle is the better chance you’ll have of a good explosion.

When the grenade goes off the sound is very loud (close to the sound of a gun shot). So, you may not want to use these at night or in the early morning. The bottle also gets completely shredded, so it’s pretty much a one-time use.

BBs fly within a 20-30ft radius. Depending on where you get hit it’ll sting a little bit.

Please give all credit for this project to SirBuffaloSushi and