Airsoft: Getting Started

Airsoft is a fun and thrilling sport, beating video games any day with real action and a real risk of getting shot.

If you’re completely new you can get familiar with some airsoft lingo here:

The first thing you want to make sure of is that you’re sure you want to get into airsoft. While it’s extremely fun and builds good morals by working on a team, it can also hurt when you get shot and you should be willing to invest good money into it. If you know you don’t want to be shot by a airsoft gun from time to time then you shouldn’t even consider getting into airsoft, just get a BB gun to shoot targets with. Also understand that in order to have good guns, gear, camouflage and other things you need for airsoft that you’ll have to spend a lot of money on it.

If you’re sure you want to get into airsoft then the first thing you need is a gun. For someone just starting airsoft you should look at getting a spring powered gun (again, if you don’t know what “spring powered” means then you should read the crash-course). Spring powered guns are cheap, easy to maintain and super durable. Crosman is an example of really good spring guns. I highly recommend something along the lines of the Crosman Stinger R34 or the Crosman Stinger P9.

Once you find a gun that you like you should buy things for it instead of buying more guns. For example, extra magazines, sights, etc..

Taking care of your guns is a big deal, too. Besides the usual cleaning and lubrication that you should be doing anyway, make sure to keep your guns somewhere safe (in a closet or something). Do not just throw them in the corner with your backpack and dirty cloths. A broken gun won’t do you much good. Also give your gun the right ammunition. The three big BB weights are .12, .20, and .25 gram. Try each weight in your gun to see which preforms the best. Don’t buy cheap .12 gram if your gun doesn’t shoot well with it just to save money!

Beyond your guns you should also work on a collection of camouflage clothing and safety equipment. A pair of safety glasses, a camo long-sleeved shirt, and a backpack should be all you need to start out. As you get more experienced and better at airsoft you may start thinking about airsoft vests, gillie suits, airsoft gloves and other things, but you really don’t need those until you have been playing airsoft for a while.

Usually beginners don’t have enough money to blow on BBs; not with all the guns and gear that their buying in order to get started. That’s why it’s a great idea to buy a Gel-Trap Target. They run you about $8 if you get them from the store in the outdoors/airsoft section. And the idea of the Gel-Trap Target is that when you shoot it, the BB sticks and then drips down into a collecting trey so that you can reuse them. This saves you a fortune on BBs.

Getting into a airsoft club is the best way to jump right into the action. Although, almost always you have to be either over 16 and have a parent drive you to matches or be 18 or older. And usually airsoft clubs are pretty limited unless you live in a area where airsofting is popular. But, chances are that usually beginning airsofters learn of airsoft from a friend, so you should consult them on any known clubs in the area or if they have lots of friends that also airsoft, then you can just have a unofficial fight with a bunch of their friends.

Having actual airsoft matches are the best way to gain experience, but practice also helps. Take your Gel-Trap target out in your backyard and start shooting. As you get more used to your gun, you can start shooting while running and laying down. Practice definitely makes perfect.

A last thing to think about as a beginning airsofter is what role you want to play in the future. For people just starting out I suggested the Stinger R34 (an assault rifle) and the Stinger P9 (a all-purpose pistol) above, but as you progress at airsoft you should start thinking about a specialty role that you could play. Roles include snipers, supportive fire, assault, and things like that. For example, I’m a assault guy so I carry around a M4 rifle and 1911 pistol. Some of the people I know specialize in sniping and they have a gillie suit, binoculars, and a sniper rifle. It’s up to you what you want to be. But, as a beginner, you don’t need to decide right now. Just start with the guns I suggested since they’re all-purpose weapons and go from there.

I hope this post helps you get started airsofting, and good luck!

(This is a posted copy of Airsofter United’s page, “Getting Started“)