Airsoft Sniping 101 (Tips to Make You a Better Sniper)

Airsoft sniping is one of the hardest roles to master. When you think of it, you think to get in a comfy place and start taking people out. It’s much more than that. It’s as much of a mental mindset as the actual physical part. Get yourself in a mindset of a sniper; light-weight, precision, hidden, shadowy, mobile, something the other team fears. As you read through this post on sniping, think of all these things and how they apply to you, and taking those things into perception, how you’re going follow the next Airsoft Sniping 101 steps (and how it applies to you; factor in your climate, your weapons’ capabilities, and your budget) to being the greatest airsoft sniper ever.

The first thing you need to find is a place to snipe from. If possible, it’s always better to be elevated. Not like in a tree; the perfect setting would be on a hill or something like it. Another thing to seek in a sniping spot is brush and cover. Not so much cover that it looks like a obvious sniping place either, pick a nice dense spot that doesn’t look any different than everything else around it. A good ghillie suit never hurts, either. Also try to have your backside safe and the only possible way for your enemies to get to you is come straight at your face, you don’t want enemies to be coming from all sides, because if they do, you’re as good as dead.

Make sure wherever you pick there’s always a escape  route. The biggest threat for a sniper is a full out rush attack. Have a safe escape route set in your mind, so you can take flight if they rush you.

Once you’ve found a perfect place to lay down and shoot from, you should start thinking about your physical and mental state. You want to be as calm as possible, while staying alert. Try to slow down your breathing by repeating a calm word in your head over and over very slowly. Also never take your eye of your scope. You should be locked and loaded and ready to shoot at any sing of an enemy.

Some snipers (in the real battlefield) take antidepressants before shooting, to slow down their heartbeat. I don’t recommend doing that at all, but that’s just something that real-life snipers do. A safer way to slow down your heartbeat is to steady your breathing. Don’t completely hold your breath (that will only make you rush the shot), take long deep breaths (like at the doctors office), and when you’re ready to shoot, take the shot while you’re releasing air.

When you do finally get a hostile player in your sights, a lot of new snipers get exited and start firing. Usually they miss. So, take your time and wait for the opportunity to present its self. Wait until your target’s stopped and maybe listening then aim for center mass and take your shot. As soon as you’ve pulled the trigger reload your gun, don’t even worry about your target. The second you’re locked and loaded again, check your target, if you missed and the target runs don’t follow-up, you’ll only give your position away. Airsoft guns are relatively inaccurate, anyway, so the chance of getting a follow-up shot on a running target is close to none. In the case of a miss, though, immediately change your position.

Don’t let misses let you down, though. Whatever you do, you don’t want to get frustrated and start flinging inaccurate shots. Just stick to the basics, slow heartbeat, patience, and confidence in your shots.

Another necessary part of up keeping the role of a sniper is to invest in your equipment. Think about what you need. Don’t blow your whole budget on a gun, factor in the cost of high-quality ammo, gun lubrication tools, speed reloading equipment, maybe a ghillie suit, and other supplies you’ll need on the battlefield. The point is, just don’t expect this to be a cheap hobby, make sure you don’t get in so deep that you have to resort to buying low quality .12 gram ammo to save money. In my many years of airsoft,  the one most important thing is to keep your gun happy; lube it as needed, spray it, and keep it running smoothly.

So, you might wanna know then how do I spend my money? Well, first off buy a nice gun, I highly recommend a Bolt Action sniper rifle, due to its power, accuracy, and quick reloading times. If you’re just starting out, anything over $150 is too much. Opt for a smaller $80-$130 gun. Look for good FPS, range, and a quality scope in a gun. But, if you know you’ll be playing in a small environment (like a backyard) you can even just buy a cheap spring M14 replica, you don’t need tons of power just for a backyard skirmish.

The gear essential to a sniper includes a nice backpack, a sidearm (such as a simple $20 spring pistol. I personally love the Stinger P9 from Crosman), and make sure to have camouflage clothing. Just make sure everything you choose is light-weight and versatile, because you don’t want to be weighed down if you have to run.

Take every advantage you can. Like mapping. If it’s possible,  go to the field you’re going to play at and make a easy to read map of the place for yourself, it’ll come in handy when you want to change spots and don’t know where to go. And make sure to scout travel ways that enemies could possibly come though so you can pick them off.

And, if you can, try to get a list of the other teams players. Pretend you’re stocking them, learn each of their interests, what kind of weapons they have, if they have a history of being scared easily in the field, so when you go to play, you can know if you should take time to let this player come out in the open to shoot, or to shoot as soon as he pokes his nose out. Stuff like that will pay off when it comes down to it.

The saying “practice makes perfect” is absolutely true, also. Practice pin-point sniping whenever you can. And push yourself and your guns in practice.  If the sniping range on your rifle is 300 feet, practice from 350 feet. If you push yourself to the limit and accept nothing but perfection from yourself, and get angry when you can’t nail a quarter from 300 feet; that’s  what makes a great sniper. If you insist on hitting a quarter from 300 feet in practice, imagine how easy it would be to hit a person from 200 feet in a airsoft match! Also, practice your steady breathing on every single shot. Basically, the closer to a real match that you can get, the better; practice the exact same things that you would be doing in a fight.

Also use drills in practice. Drills that focus on one skill at a time; for example, if you wanted to work on your biceps in a work out, you’d lift some weights. Same thing with airsoft; if you want a clean escape in a airsoft match, practice a silent, quick flee over and over again. Here’s some examples of drills:

Escape: As stated above, practice making a quick and quiet escape encase you had to flee in a match. Make a route that you will take, almost like a fire drill.

Accuracy: As I’ve said, if you push yourself to imposable standards, then it’ll be like shooting fish-in-a-barrel when you actually line up a shot with a enemy. Seriously give it your all to shoot a 8-inch target from 100 feet. Then, once you can hit the target each and every time, move the target in 50 foot intervals further and further away.

Reloading Time: Practice reloading as fast as you can. Don’t even bother with aiming, just jam the magazine in, cock the gun, shoot, and repeat. AS FAST AS YOU CAN!

Speed: In the case of being rushed, you want to hold your ground for as long as possible. Set up multiple targets all around you at various ranges (50, 20, 60, 25, 70, 40 feet, etc.). Then as fast as you can, go from target to target making sure each one gets hit, until the field is empty. There are a few ways you can do this; Some people prefer to clear the field left to right/right to left, and others shoot the closest first. Going from left to right, like a book, is the fastest way, but going for the closest will probably save you from getting shot a couple times.

In any of these drills redundancy is key. Do them over and over again until you’re board with them, and then do them a additional 10 times.

So seriously take these tips to heart and don’t stray far from it. Even read this post several times to drive it in your head. I hope this post helps you to become a legend, and happy hunting.

6 thoughts on “Airsoft Sniping 101 (Tips to Make You a Better Sniper)

  1. You can’t just drop and spray bullets, here are some things to consider:

    Enemy guns:

    The speed of sound is 791mph so use the CrackThump method. Listen for the Thump of the gun first, the farther away the crack of the bullet, the farther away they are shooting. Also, sound is a lot slower than light so if you see someone shoot far away, you will hear it seconds behind. This is important not to misjudge distances from enemies

    Your Gun:
    Consider these medians that can defract your bullets away from the target:
    Wind moves bullet side to side
    Elevation from target if you are shooting down, aim a little lower, vice versa shooting up.
    Humidity thickens the air slowing down your bullets.
    Distance if it’s far guess what you have to do…..yeah that’s right, aim above it!
    Target lead if your target is walking, shoot where it will be, not right now.

    Murphy’s Law: anything that could go wrong, will go wrong.

    When you think you got it figured out, you’re wrong.


  2. Great article for Airsoft Sniping. I’ve been a Sniper for a while, and I am always looking around for pointers, and this article, did give me a few ideas. One tip though is that a Ghillie suit is a piece of equipment, you should not rely fully on it to keep you alive. Sometimes I go WWIISET sniping, and I’m just as deadly without a ghillie than I am with one.

  3. I’ve been an airsoft sniper for some time now and I’m always looking up guides like this to find areas where I can get better. I felt that this guide is great for people who are getting into airsoft sniping because it gives you and easily understandable summary of what to expect and how to get better, but I would like to add some tips if you wouldn’t mind.

    For starters if you are hoping to compete at events you are going to want a co2 or gas powered pistol that can shoot accurately and constantly. Make sure it has hop-up and if possible try and find one with adjustable hop-up so that you can use heavier ammo in your pistol making it more accurate. The reason behind this is there is a minimum engagement range that most if not all snipers need to consider depending on the power of your gun. You’ll need a secondary that is light mobile and reliable when you are in sight of enemies that are too close for you sniper. Pistols also come in handy when facing multiple targets withing a close range because you’ll have a faster rate of fire.

    Secondly, practice moving silently. This is a must for snipers who want to sneak behind enemy lines. But silence alone wont get you past your enemies. Camouflage is also very important. Despite what most people believe though, a sniper does not need a ghillie suit to stay hidden. In fact most inexperienced snipers will end up being seen more with a ghillie on they without one. Why? Simple, ghillie suits are used to blend into the surrounding areas and disrupt the outline of a human figure, but just like you can see a red dot in front of a blue page right away, a ghillie suit that isn’t used correctly according to the surrounding environment will stick out like a soar thumb. Not only that but moving with a ghillie suit is an art. If you are a beginner focus on the basics of camouflage. things like stay in the shadows, don’t stick near trails, use your surroundings to camouflage you outline. ect. A ghillie suit is a tool that a good sniper will use to make himself better but unless the sniper knows how to use that tool, it will only make things worse.

    finally and most important tip that is often over looked is learn how to communicate with your team. A sniper is used to take out high valued targets, protect a teams rear and flanks, even take out enemy snipers, but the best snipers also are very good at recon. Meaning they get into positions where they can let their teammates know where the enemy is at, what direction they are travelling, even the enemy numbers and weapons. Snipers who are good at recon WILL make a huge difference on the battle field. To give you a real life example of this, a game I attended awhile ago had an enemy sniper who all he did was recon and take out medics. He had all of maybe 4-6 kills during the first day but their team was demolishing the competition because they knew where the enemy was, and could either avoid them or set up ambushes. Once my squad took out the sniper the enemy fell apart due to a lack of information, but it only shows how much better a team can be when they have a good sniper with recon abilities

    There are many more tips I can give but then I might as well right my own guide. SO venture out and look for more guides. Knowledge can only help and don’t be afraid to read some actual military guides on sniping if you are seriously looking into sniping. Snipers are players that can easily turn the tides on a game, but they are also one of if not the hardest role on the field so it isn’t for everyone. Good luck to all of you guys and I hope to see you guys on the field some day.

  4. This is a very very good lets say tutorial for being a good sniper. I am a newbie sniper at the moment and i dont even have a scope yet… still i find this very useful even though i havent started practising with this.

  5. You also have to take in consideration wind speed, and know how your gun shoots(Curves up to the right, ect.) Always be aware of your surroundings. Something that i personally struggled with when i was starting out was the ability to stay calm when enemy’s got close. Don’t think “Do I need to run?”, or “IM SCREWED!!!!” . Keep calm, and stay level headed. Think about things like “Who’s todays lucky bullet winner?”. One Last tip……….. Don’t try to go CQC with your sniper, let your teammates get up close an personal with the enemy.

  6. This really helped me learn how to snipe peole from far distances and close range shots too and now sniping is so much easier and more fun because before i read this i was awful at sniping i would always miss people and i tryed that quarter thing its very hard

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